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  • **DETAILS. FunnyGoo QiHang 3x3x3 Magic cube, low cost, and very good toy to improve hand ability, memory ability, and logic skills.

  • **WELL MADE. Side length 56x56x56mm. Eco-friendly, recyclable material product, harmless to human and environment. Very good cutting, Turns very smooth and good hand feeling.

  • **IMPORTANCE OF MAGIC CUBES. Magic cube is also an interesting toy to relieve the pressure of adults' work and life. It can be said that magic cube is a very important toy in our daily life.

  • **BENEFITS. For kids, magic cubes can develop the brain and mind, hands-ability. For adult, magic cube can release the press in life and work.

  • **EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE. We have tested all the products we sold, so you will get a new and good cube in no accident. But if there is any problem, please email us, we will soon reply and offer you the best solution.

  • FunnyGoo Mofangge QiHang 3x3 magic puzzles cubes set sail 3x3x3 Speed Twist Puzzle Cube (Black)

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