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  • VIVID COLORS: The beautiful colors add lively style and look nice with a wide range of event color palettes. The size makes them highly visible. Pair them with curling ribbon and other latex or metallic balloons to create a balloon bouquet or creative centerpiece.

  • THE BEST PARTY ACCESSORY:They give your event a sense of fun with these balloons. They are a classic and festive addition to just about any occasion. Choose these decor accessories for a versatile and easy solution for your next celebration. Use them for kid parties, commencements, wedding receptions, peppy business demonstrations and more.

  • MONEY SAVER: They are a simple way to transform a simple room into a party space. Moreover, these 12" latex balloons come in a convenient 20-count package so that you have plenty for decorating and you can combine multiple packages for larger spaces.

  • HIGH QUALITY: The balloons are durable helium-quality latex balloons, you can safely fill them with air or helium to achieve your desired effect. The Balloons are also biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • 20 Pcs Wedding Balloons Balloon Latex 12"or 30 Cm Red Pearlescent

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